Jennifer Palmer is a genuinely unique certified public accountant and tax preparer!  Yes, she has over twenty years of experience.  True, she has an excellent education in her field.  And she is always up on the ever changing rules and regulations, retooling and updating her knowledge.  Yes, she can do anything you might need financially from tax prep and bookkeeping to payroll and bank reconciliations.  But many of the very best professionals in this field can say that.  Jennifer’s gifts and talents go beyond those!

She is right down the street in North Liberty!  She works out of her cozy home but with an office well-equipped to handle any job.  She’s not only completely reliable but quick to respond.  If you must leave her a message, you won’t end up playing telephone tag for ages!  And you will never receive mass-produced, cookie-cutter service from her!

Jennifer listens to each client’s personal story and situation and then tailors her services to them and to them alone.  Warm and personable, she’s easy to talk to, to open up to.If need be, she will dig up little known tax laws and credits to get her clients the best outcome possible.  In one case, she discovered that her clients had passed up college tax credits they hadn’t known about when they filed their own taxes in the past.  She filed an amendment for them so they could get a refund three years after the fact!  After the Flood of 2008, Jennifer ferreted out every tax credit available for clients living in a flood affected area.  There were numerous credits most people didn’t even realize, but Jennifer did!

It’s characteristic of her ethical and personal style to go out of her way to help her clients to their best advantage.  In one case, Jennifer prepared back taxes for a family in which the wife had cancer and the family had suffered financial loss.  Normally payment is due upon signing, but in this specific situation she did not require payment for her services until the family received the refund.  “I consider this my gift to others” Jennifer said, “my way of giving back.”

With today’s complex and frequently changing financial regulations, tax credits and tax laws, you need someone as knowledgeable and motivated to research as Jennifer is.  Now more than ever, you need someone to take your individual case into account and find out all that can be done for you.

Where else could you find a special accountant like that? Nowhere – but right here in North Liberty!